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Our wind driven Green Roof ventilators are totally weather-proof, dust and leak proof. They can withstand extreme climatic conditions and high wind velocities. These ventilators are rigid, light in weight & can be mounted on any existing industrial roof without disturbing the original structure.

Choice of vane material, size, quantity and layout of installation depends on various factors such as wind velocity, environmental conditions, size and location of the building, profile of the roof, activity in the building & number of air changes required. Roof ventilators ranging from 14" to 39" sizes are available which are recommended after considering the above factors. The ventilators are also designed in a way that prevents leakage and down draft into the building allowing air entry from the side openings.

The ventilators are available in both Aluminium and Stainless Steel versions. Our unique Aluminium vane design loaded on special grade steel pins without bearings, prevent wear and tear while in rotation. The customer has a choice of either Steel or Fiberglass for the base frame. Powder coating in any shade to suit aesthetic needs is a value addition for the product thereby making it anti-corrosive.

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